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Why Purro?

"To convert we need to stay in contact/go above and beyond to prove why us and why now."
"Hiring diverse candidates is competitive because everyone is after the same great students."
"A lot of our current applicants are not self-aware enough about their potential career paths."
"I spend too much time in interviews trying to gauge information about candidates' preferences."
"Reneges are increasing, which requires us to go earlier in the pipeline to recruit."
"The career path can allow us to sell starting your career with us as a stepping stone to other opportunities."

These are issues that recruiters from several companies have brought to our attention. With our AI powered platform, we are addressing each of these issues by helping a large and diverse group of students find and launch their ideal career paths.

How does this help you?

Find the Right Fit

By helping the students better understand their own needs through self-paced activities, they will be applying to roles and companies that are clearly a good fit for them.

Analysis and Outreach

Our platform analyzes your company's needs along with various students' needs. You can choose to receive emails about candidates who match with your company, allowing you to passively search for great candidates even outside of regular recruiting seasons.

Filter and Search

As a recruiter, you will be able to filter your search results to candidates with the skills that you require. You can even see some of the work they are doing to improve those skills! You can even go a step further and filter down to candidates who you know are looking for the type of work environment that your company offers.

All this, leading you to the perfect new hire.

Ready to get on board? Complete our short questionnaire to help us help you with finding the perfect candidates for your company.

Recruiter Questionnaire

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