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Why Purro?

College students do not receive personalized career exploration and preparation guidance, especially with an average student-to-counselor ratio of 482:1.1. Parents are concerned about their children’s ability to build a financially viable and fulfilling career, but do not have the necessary resources to guide their children. Employers also struggle, with most spending up to $12,000 to bring on new hires, as 61% of graduates leave their first job within 2 years. In turn, they are looking for opportunities to build relationships with professors. That's where you come in!

Create Connections

We want to provide students with a medium to connect to employers. Often, professors and educators are the key to providing that connection.

Support Career Services

We believe that by using Purro, professors can enrich their classroom environments and help support underrepresented groups within the recruiting process. In doing so, educators can become a great complimentary tool to universities' career services.

Mentor and Guide

We plan to build upon the existing mentor-mentee relationship that exists between students and professors, and offer the students another medium to receive guidance in a tangible way that helps build their career paths.

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